A letter from the workshop-holder of Turn Work into Yoga:

I want to give you a free workshop and a program

I know there are people out there in Zurich that have a tough time. Stress has grown to be the biggest and fastest growing “trend” in humanity and it is now the biggest cause of diseases and has, of course, also reached Zurich. From the outside, it seems that these people have a great life, they are successful and have done very well financially, but they have too much to do, no time to reflect over the important things and less and less time for the people and the things they love. They experience stress and pressure on a daily basis in order to perform their tasks. They even have dis-eases in the body because of this high-strung life and they have already burned out at least once. They have difficulty prioritising their own personal transformation towards a more effortless, joyful and meaningful life because of their tight life situation. I have been there myself, and I know its a tricky situation, but I also know that this can change! From the bottom of my heart, I want to give a person that matches the above description a free workshop ticket (worth CHF 68.–) and a scholarship to the upcoming “Turn Work into Yoga e-program” (worth CHF 1150.–). I sincerely hope that this will provide this person with an excuse enough to dedicate some time to take life to the next level.

Who am I?

My name is Jonas Freeman and I am a Mindfulnesscoach, brand strategist, yoga teacher and business owner who burned out in my early 30s. I found myself in a situation where I needed to learn to do things without burning energy and I needed to find meaning within “work” otherwise life would not be worth continuing. I shifted my way of perceiving and creating reality with the help of the ancient wisdom cultures as Yoga, Daoism and Buddhism in combination with modern day neuro science and coaching methods. I am now the co-founder of the “Conscious Business Community”, the co-author of the bestselling book “Freedom by Design” and I have developed a profound yet simple method called “Turn Work Into Yoga”, to liberate ourselves from old stressful work and create a successful business aligned with our soul’s purpose. I am a skilled facilitator of transformative processes and have coached the Swedish management groups of Scandinavia’s biggest chain of gyms. I have hosted several “Art of Startup Camps” and Life Design retreats changing the life of hundreds.

What can the “Turn Work into Yoga” give?

The “Turn Work into Yoga” workshop is the entry point to transform our life from pressure to pleasure and sets the foundation for ”work” to become something effortless and joyous that gives us energy instead of stealing it!

The following “Turn Work into Yoga” e-program is where we really shift things together. We will be a group of highly dedicated people that together cultivates new beneficial belief systems and habits continuously for 10 sessions over a period of approximately 3 months. What else will this package of a workshop and e-program give:

– Apply your wisdom, and the wisdom of the ancient cultures, into the field of work.

– Turn stress and pressure into the greatest teacher in how to work effortlessly

– Become a TWIY facilitator. You will be the lighthouse for others “out there” still struggling and using force to achieve goals

– Know how to create your own flow

– Create your own tool belt for effortless success

– Revolutionize your perspective on energy and manifestation

– Enrich and get enriched by other participants

– Be a part of the movement of conscious creators that updates the field of work to the next level


Apply for the gift before the end of Monday 27th of August answering the question:

–               What do you think this “Turn Work Into Yoga” package of workshop and e-program can give you and in which way will that transform your life?

Apply here.

I together with Karin Gleichner, the organizer of the workshop in Zurich, will then choose which one will receive the gift of the free workshop and program. We promise to read through each and every application and connect back. If more then one application qualifies for the gift, also the organizer will offer a gift:

  • One free “Turn Work into Yoga” program


Who is the organizer?

Karin Gleichner is a Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist and Visual Identity Architect from Zurich. She is arranging this event in hope of giving people in Zurich an alternative to pressure and performance-based work-styles. She recently found herself burnt out living on Bali doing what she loves! Realizing that exhaustion of the nervous system happens although living the dream life on a paradise island, she aimed to find the recipe for real success, the one that doesn’t sacrifice anything else, or anyone else. She turned to Jonas to guide this process and after only 2 month her nervous system was restored, the physical illnesses gone and the energy levels and joy for creation higher then ever! Now she is involved in the Conscious Business Community arranging workshops, retreats and programs for people that are in the phase of transitioning into a more conscious way of designing their lives. Her next project is to run Workshops for people who are retired but still full of power to finally live their dream life and create their dream business!

Find all the information about the workshop here: http://www.yoga-tribe.ch/workshops/

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/303720003715966/

Peace and happiness,


Scholarship for TWIY package

Join the revolution and transform work into something that becomes more effortless, joyfull and meaningfull the more we do it!