Yes I am at a camp for adults at Koh Lanta in southern Thailand. It is so rewarding to be in a setting where we all contribute. We share and explore ourselves and our businesses by coaching processes. So lovely to see the participants set themselves free. So lovely to set myself free as well! Leende ansikte med leende ögon It is so easy in this environment of beauty and comfort and without the imminent presence of rat racers and societal values. Easier to find your truth and direction. 
bild digital nomad 2015
The first week has been a journey looking into our basic limiting beliefs inherited – the abilities and constitutions we are born with and most of all a lot of “doing nothing” relaxing massages on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Camilla led us through different personality characteristics. This made us see where we can create value effortlessly and where we struggle and perform to create value. We even went deeper exploring our actual identity on different levels. I held a workshop where we used eastern wisdom to look into the function of
the mind and this “self” of ours. Relieving to experience that “my” problems isn’t “mine”…depending on what I experience as “me”of course. This invited the possibility of creating and working effortlessly just by being mindful. Another held a meditation including our personal affirmations dissolving our limiting beliefs.

During the rest of the camp (3weeks) we will explore the creative side of ourselves to design our lives with businesses. Now from a more free, grateful and relaxed state. We will learn about content management on internet and how to use social media. We will learn about how to build a brand and market without losing our integrity. We will also keep looking deeper into our belief system of money and success and relations. And whatever else that arises. All co-created and subjects of focus springs organically from the needs and competences of the group.

I want to have these camps in other places like for example Bali? I want to have them together with Camilla who originated this idea and together with other conscious people like you. However, I am not sure about the name Digital Nomad Camp. Can you help? What do you think? And where is good places to open up camps like these? Beautiful and relaxing places that is not to costly. Send me an email at