Flow has become a trendy term and a desirable state for people in both big cities and small conscious communities. Flow is a state most of us find ourselves in on few occasions. And then we fall out of it and spend most of the time in “not-flow” trying to get back into the flow. Flow is a state where things (finally) are as you think they shall be and events go in the right directions according to your view of things. And when this occur, which is usually very seldom, we feel light, motivated to take action with ease and grateful for life. But how can everything be flow – can even doing nothing be flow?

Wanting flow is for me like living by a beautiful fresh water lake up in the mountains and think that I need to walk down the long steep path to the river in the valley every time I want a sip of water. Let me present an option, a mental shortcut.

  • If we learn to completely ACCEPT what is in this moment, which is reality (it’s already a fact whatever is) – we think that things are as they shall be.
  • If we totally TRUST that universe is evolving as it should do – events go in the right directions.

Acceptance and trust – Oops, all of a sudden we are in a flow – things are as they should be and are heading the right direction. We feel light, motivated to take action with ease and grateful for life. (Of course there are degrees of the depth of acceptance and trust, hence degrees of flow.) And if we feel light motivated to take action and grateful for life we usually have much better outcomes in our actions then if we would think the situation is crap and needs change which puts us in direct recistance to reality – in recistance to flow.

With acceptance and trust there is no conditions for flow. No special things that we need to wait for or that needs to occur in order to be in the flow. Just accept and trust what is.

This is the blessing of meditation and mindfulness. If we tap into the potential of the NOW. There is nothing we need to have or something in particular that need to happen in order to experience the magic of life and do the best we can in the only moment that exists – now. And only now can flow exist. So persuing flow makes flow impossible in the now since we not accept things as they are (want something else) and dont trust in life (we need to do something to make it right).

If you are fully in love (acceptance of what is) and trust, we can take a sip of water without climbing down any mountains. We no longer need stress to push us to performance and achievement. Instead you can take powerful action with ease knowing that you always do the best you can to be you and that the results of your actions is one variable of millions in the whole universe and that it will be as it is supposed to be. Sometimes that powerful action can be to relax and do nothing because tiredness is there – flow. You accept what is, tiredness, and you trust rest is the best thing for you right now and it will give you want you need/want – flow. Still difficult to see why this is flow?

Well then try the opposite; not accepting tiredness. If you where in flow before you will no longer be, flow is all of a sudden interupted by tiredness. And you will not have the benefits of what a rest would have given you – vitality and energy. Instead you push on, not trusting that tiredness is whats best for you now. You are in a “no-flow state”, and get more tired since you dont rest. You get more in “no-flow” since more tiredness is an even less desired state. And then you wonder what happened to flow and want it back…


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