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I noticed a trend of the last decades: We create stress and pressure on ourselves to meet expectations  from other people. Other people that are no more smarter then you and most likely live less consciously. Mayby you want to accomplish things without effort and creating stress?

Reading this you have most likely started your journey living life more consciously and not beeing a victim of old truths, habits and expectations. Living more consciously is beneficial for your linear life situation indeed. It tends to have great improvements on your quality of life situation. If this is the linear aspect of beein more conscious, there are also the horisontal aspect of consciousness.

Getting to know our self also on the depth clears things up and create the possibility for improving the quality of life, not just the outer life situation. Mayby you want to accomplish things without effort and creating stress? The depth of you makes it possible. No fish gets worried and stressed when the waves gets high.  This is what the meditative or mindful perspective can bring to the process of what ever we would like to accomplish.

The collective trend to create stress and pressure on ourselves, out of societys and companies expectations makes it possible to be still.  Only in stillness and contentment comes the real inner drive. The love of creating and contributing to other people. Out of stress and pressure creativity and drive also comes. But they tend to create very different consequnese even if they at first seems alike. The water coming out of the fountain of stillnes is different from the one coming out of stress.

I rather drinks from the well of stillness, it tends to taste better. And I would love to be a support for you in living consciously creating what you want, not what other expect.


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