Artwork: Preem Amrita, Text: Jonas Faremo

Does existence include me? As humanity has seperated itself from nature through our mental image about ourselfs, that feeling of being alone can come quite easily. The fact that you are nature, a part of universe, somehow feels lika distant fantasy even if that is much nmor reality then you and me being seperate enteties fighting for our share of the cake. Like I have to take care of everything, myself and others. And why not the nature as well… What can you do except occupy yourself with entertainment enough so that you dont feel seperatedness and then die of old age?

What is this?

This playful combination of word and image is a purely artistic project inspired by stillness. The questions came out of meditation and is combined with the artists artwork of devotion to life in consciousness. Our hope is that it will inspire to a small halt of reflection in the otherwise entertainment-heavy stream of pictures at the internet.

Artist: Preem Amrita is an artist living a life full of suffering I am sorry to say. Her story tells about a person ending up outside society and never being enough for the norm and what consequenses that has. She is originally from Sweden but lives partly in India where she found sanctury from the excluding and judging systems of the west. Sometimes art flows through her pencil out on paper. Here on this page is for now the only place we can be blessed by that art.

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