Jonas Freeman

M.sc in business and administration at Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law in Sweden and written two master thesis’s in Brands strategy and Business management.

Jonas is a brand strategist, and Mindfulnesscoach within management, whose mission is to support Conscious Businesses. He is the initiator of the Conscious Business Community, and co-author of the bestselling book Freedom by Design. After burning out early in life while running four businesses at the same time, he dedicated his life to find peace and happiness in the field of “work” or “business”. For years he meditated in caves with yogis as well as with the Dalai Lama, before coming back to the western world with deep insights on the human mind and with an efficient method for effortless and sustainable business for the new paradigm of leaders.

He is a skilled facilitator of transformative business processes and every project he steps into starts to thrive. Besides having coached individual leaders within the biggest construction firm in Sweden and on Broadway, he has coached the Swedish management groups of Scandinavia’s biggest gym chain (Elixia/SATS) towards holistic success. He has also taught mindfulness to the biggest private education company in Sweden (Miroi).

He has a great success rates with start-ups.  Among the latest successful brand launches we find Ming Herbs, now the best-selling product in most major health stores in Bali, and Alchemy Academy, now a fully booked food education centre in Bali that attracts celebrity chefs and their retreats. He has hosted several “Art of Startup Camps” changing the life of hundreds of leaders towards giving more value effortlessly to humanity.

He has also coached hundreds of burned out people towards self-empowerment and effortless working.

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