Text: Jonas Freeman

Present moment potency!


What makes the present moment so potent, Is the thing called reality.


This simple sutra maybe gives you a hint on why I think Mindfulnesscoaching is one of the most powerful methods for human transformation. The only moment you will ever experience is this. Reality only happens now. Hence this moment is the gateway to access everything and this moment is where the potential of your life is available for you.

Working obsessively with future visions and goals can be our greatest detour. A detour that actually keeps us from achieving what we really long for in life. Because time works backwards. We attract the future from this moment. If we learn to be present and cultivate what is quality in our life in this moment, the rest will follow more or less by itself. To fantasize goals and then trying to force the universe into that fantasy, can not only be the least effective and most strenuous way of achieving something, its also the way of achievement that causes most suffering since it conditions the mind to never be content (until reality is as the fantasy). With this approach, when/if we reach the goal, there might be a burst of contentment, but then it will pivot back to discontentment and finding a new fantasy goal to chase after, since this is what we conditioned the mind to be strong at.

Not that there is anything wrong with the goals themselves, but to think that you are the one achieving them is the big mistake. You haven’t done anything by yourself in life. And all the opportunities that needs to arise for anything to happen, takes the cooperation of the entire universe. Reading this text for example, did you plan it or did it come as a pleasant (or unpleasant) surprise following another event?

And to not question you goals thoroughly is another mistake we often do. Many are we that found ourselves on top of the ladder we struggled to climb, and not liking the view. Do you actually want to go where you are heading now? What does that mean for all aspects of your life if you reach this goal of yours? How can you possibly know how great your life can be? Again, if we cultivate the qualities we want and what’s important for us in this moment, you might reacht the goals or not but reagardless you will have what’s important to you. That’s a shortcut worth its name! And this is one of the reasons I say that work, or running a business, can be something you haven’t even dreamt about – it can be effortless! We just have to use the power of mindfulness in the right way.

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What is this?

This playful combination of word and image is a purely artistic project inspired by stillness. The text came out of meditation and is sometimes combined with artwork or photo from an artist. Our hope is that it will inspire to a small halt of reflection in the otherwise entertainment-heavy stream of pictures at the internet.


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