At a workshop regarding Conscious business in Bali yesterday we inquired about if there are any problems with the traditional business-world of today. We summarized that the core of the problems is that business is done mostly from the head and not from the heart. The head is conditioned with truths regarding humanity that is neither true nor beneficial for us. They are not even true according to the business science itself. This finding has even been awarded a Nobel Prize in Economy.

Still these images of man as a greedy profit-maximizing creature (economic man) are the foundation of the business world and the market economy system as a whole. The systems are painted in that colour, a rather grey tone I would say. No wonder we find it producing meaningless results sometimes. We have reached un-sustainability on the private as well as the collective level with stress and exhaustion of natural recourses as our most prominent features. And what to do? Even if we know this we seem to get drawn into painting with these colours when starting a business even if we started from a place of passion and consciousness. That was the question arising in the beginning of the workshop.

“Conscious business meaning not blindly following the business logics but inquire deeply into our own truths and motives.”

At workshops as well as in my coaching we don’t try to solve the world of business or change any systems. Instead we support the idea of being the change that we want to see in the world. If you don’t want to experience that you create meaningless results, Conscious Business is the option. Conscious Business is not a method or model, it simply means not blindly following the conventional logics but instead inquire deeply into our own truths and motives to find your business model. If Conscious Business is turned into a model, consciousness is gone, its instead again you following someone else’s ideas. A Conscious Business needs to be a process of constant inquiry inwards to find the truth, motivation and insights. You, the leader needs to find it where it matters – inside you. That is how it becomes a conscious doing of business. And when we have peace and clarity enough to find our inner “Why” and find what we long to contribute to the world, we need support from each other in being genuine to this inner “Why”. Most people I spoken to loses the genuinity in the manifestation of the idea into the environment of traditional business.

We need support from others that also choose a conscious path since we are all connected and have the ten dance to become the expectations of our environment. I have tried and failed. I ended up doing a “smart” business from the head, although I began from a different “Why”. As the people in the workshop yesterday said; working within the traditional business context you end up doing traditional business after a while even if you started with another intention.

I have made it my job to be this support for conscious businesses. As a Mindfulness Coach and experienced Brand Strategist I have a good position of doing that. If there is a need for support I will provide it and sometimes I get paid, and sometimes not, depending on the financial circumstances. Both way I make the world a little more “love” and a little less “greed”.

“You will paint the change you wish to see in the world.”Jonas Faremo Digital Nomad Coach 02

The last years I have found myself inquiring more into the science of Buddhism. In Buddhism, it is said that love and compassion are made out of one substance, which is called understanding. If you understand, you can love. But if understanding is not there, it is impossible for you to accept and love someone. During a coaching process without specific expectations, a person is provided the opportunity and perfect conditions to create understanding weather in a private session or a in a group setting.

If you understand yourself you can love yourself and if you love yourself you can love others. No need for competition or greediness if you love yourself and others. The state of lack which is when you think you need to have more or win over others is not present. With understanding for yourself and others you are in a state of abundance and trust. Universe feels like a safe friendly place and every thought you think and action you take will carry the colour of that inner feeling. You will paint the change you wish to see in the world. That will be a rather colorful image I think.



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