Conscious Teambuilding JF01


”The stew doesn´t get better just because you keep adding more and more ingredients. It turns gourmet when the ingredients is allowed being it´s gift to this world.” Jonas Faremo MöjlighetsMöte

Working with creating better environment for people to co-create and be at peace with each other is fun. More and more leaders discover this. The results surprises them even more and the effortlessness in which things happen is enjoyable for all parties involved. Pakages with outside competence supporting the teambuilding process and the project target is a great lubricant since the outsider is free to be crazy. The leader is not. Crazy is sometimes needed to shake old collective things of our backs.

Example process

Below is an example of how the process looks like when developing a team with MöjlighetsMöten (group coaching) in a specific direction. Stretched over a year it creates the opportunity to create organic and sustainable results. The leader of the team gets individual coaching continously.

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