An inner yoga workshop by Jonas Freeman.

I noticed that when I did hatha yoga it created the complete opposite results within me compared to when I was working. More time and practice had the opposite effect when I was working compared to doing yoga; work became “effortful” and yoga became effortless. Finally, the stress from work had made me so exhausted that I burned out. Since then, I have met thousands of people that went through the same experience. Stress grows like and epidemic in the modern society. What seems to be our worst enemy can actually become our greatest teacher. In my view, stress is creating the biggest potential for humanity.

Today I know by experience that work can be effortless, joyful and deeply meaningful. From my own life, from clients, and from all the other beautiful controversial people I meet everyday that dare to not stress. Join me and learn how to Turn Work Into Yoga. Become a lighthouse for the rest of humanity by not creating stress and pressure while doing stuff and experience the lift in life quality and also quality of the value you share with the world!

“It was one of the best lectures I ever attended, because it kept to the subject and I have really benefitted of its content. Thumbs up! Before I used to have stress in ordinary everyday situations like waiting in the line in the grocery store for example. Swoosh, and I have become a more calm human being! Irina Ronnskog

“It was one of those amazing gifts of life! Meeting Jonas gave me a big bucket of new energy, insights and support. To have someone in my life, who is further down the road and such a pulling power, makes me feel more than grateful. He gives me amazing ideas, I haven’t even thought of before. It is understandable, accessible, so I can just take it and implement it in my own life right away. Thank you for filling me with light!”

Stephanie Pasztor - actuarial consulting (

“Jonas’ workshops were truly impactful. I genuinely admire Jonas for his inspirational transformation and especially his initiatives to help like-minded people achieve their socially-concious business aspirations.  I was quite surprised how much he positively impacted my way of thinking in a relatively short time – and for this, I am grateful to Jonas for sharing his helpful life lessons… and I highly recommend him!”

Tarek Kholoussy

“Turn work into yoga, that sounded like an impossible paradox for me at first. However, after a couple of hours of workshop with Jonas, things shifted completely and now it´s perfectly obvious that even work can happen effortlessly and in a flow! …with the right intention and mindset that is.”
Agneta Jonsson

“A very interesting workshop. I learned that, as in Yoga, it doesn’t make sense to simply put lot of effort to achieve what we want to. We have to understand the active forces and, smartly, apply small steos in the right way (even if uncomfortable at the beginning). Result is: Less Stress, Better Outcomes.”

Marcos Cardoso - Founder at and former LatAm Manager for a High Tech company

“For me, it was pure yogistic experience at work!”

Marija Kulundzic Ivanji

Are you a great organizer of workshops and want one in your town?

3 + 7 =

This is a 3 hours “yorkshop” where we will turn work into yoga. Why on earth do we do, think and act differently in the yoga shala compared to the office? We will shift our way of working into something that is effortless and meaningful.

– Educate yourself into being the lighthouse for others, spreading the light of harmony, joy and efficiency in any organization.
– Learn the most important thing for work to become effortless
– Know the method of how to unsubscribe to stress
– Find the truth behind stress
– Understand human history and your mind´s conditioning
– Revolutionize your perspective on energy and manifestation
– Know how to create flow
– Create your own tool belt for success
– Experience heavenly sex beyond expectations

For whom?
Right now I am only looking for  people that would like to initiate, host and organize this workshop. If you have a space or the will to organize this workshop want to contribute even more to a human evolution leading towards freedom, harmony and happiness. If you experience stress and pressure although you don´t want to.

Jonas Freeman?
Jonas Freeman is a Mindfulnesscoach who lives in Bali and coaches people all over the world in Conscious business and Conscious living. He hosts Conscious business camps and holds mindfulness courses. He is a former brand strategist and entrepreneur who still loves to support people wanting to share their uniqe gift but in in a more effortless way guided by their heart more then their heads.

Turn Work into Yoga; E program

Do you want Work to be your greatest spiritual teacher and turn into something effortless, joyful and deeply meaningful? Click here.