How to turn your business into a conscious business 2017 – the “inner why”

How can 2017 be the year when your business turns into a conscious business? Here is a very good start:



This is where the big leverage of motivation and passion is found. This is the only clue universe gives us on what our unique contribution to humanity is. And any business coach will tell you that finding that inner why is the most important thing. But who will tell you how to find that inner why? Most of the times the inner why that ends up on paper turns out to be a mental construct an excuse to why we are doing a certain business. Often beautiful excuses that lifts the image of the business up. However political correct or how attractive it may look in the business plan, it may not have anything to do with your inner why as a leader. And you know it when passion and motivation runs dry a year after running the business and you find yourself struggling, stressing and feeling pressure but force yourself to say; “I love it!”.


So how to find the real inner why and not the smart mental excuse for doing what we think we shall do? The excuses are in fact based on fear although we are not aware of it. Somewhere we have a fear that what we do is not good enough, people will not like it enough and we will not make enough money from it. That’s why we settle with a smart mental construct that fits our desired image of our selves and the world although maybe not in contact with our real self and the world as it is.


The solution is to be without fears and the inner why will appear. Questions like; “what would I do if I had all the money in the world” or “what would I do regardless if I where paid or not” or “looking back on life from your death bed, what would you like to see that you contributed with” may help to guide. But the mind can easily trick us also with those questions and we might be effected by the state we are in that moment. And again we have created beautiful mental constructs that look great on paper but have anything to do with our true calling. So what to do?


To find truth you need stillness. Only in stillness can truth appear. It’s not when we are the most excited or “positive” about things that we are in most contact with our true nature. It’s when we are in harmony and have a peaceful mind that clarity is there. That’s when the silent whispers of our hearts can be heard. Putting you in a “peak state” and then asking yourself about important question is as helpful for the long term sustainability as being in our most depressive state. If answering form any of those two states we create a foundation of our business on the most temporary and short-lived parts of the wave, the bottom and the top. Instead we need to create the foundation from what the wave consists of – water. That essence of our being, the water, is stillness. In stillness everything appears and disappears. This is the space for any specific temporary state. Stillness is there before and it is there after.


The problem is that this thing we call stillness appears to be difficult for the modern mind to recognise because it’s not given any appreciation in our culture. In our culture only activity is valued. That activity only can happen on the background of stillness, just like these words need a white background to be seen, is ignored out of habitual ignorance.


In stillness things become clear. In storms (big waves) its difficult to feel what is most important. Instead we react on old habits and protect what we think needs to be protected from the strong wind. Usually this means protecting our ego – the preconditioned image of our selves. Enough about that for now.


So here is my suggestion to find your inner why. Something that worked for myself and many of my clients:



1. Looking back on the snail trail of value. Imagine yourself or connect in real life with key people in your different phases of life like school and workplaces. Don’t exclude any of them. Ask what your contribution was during that period, what you brought in to the room you might say. Not so much the actual doings but why people benefited it was you and not anyone else doing those things. (If you imagine this exercise; imagine a reporter asking your teacher or boss and just listen to the answer.) Collect all answers on paper.


When you collected the answers from these different phases and places from your life – see the snail trail of value. The snail trail of value is the value that you seem to emanate regardless of place or what you do. You will be surprised to see that even if we changed a lot as persons over time we still glow a certain kind of light. The essence of who we are, that unique quality of light, is always present regardless of what we do or where.


It can often be helpful to do this exercise together with someone else, someone who can look at your value from the outside. Usually its much easier to see the snail trail of value for someone else then for yourself. It’s also easier for someone outside to see when we are turning “mental” that is constructing a smart favourable answer instead of just seeing the answer.


Sometimes I also invite a neutral outer perspective on a persons unique gift when having workshops or coaching a leader. This can be a personality test or as in the Camp in Bali; an Astrology reading. This can compliment beautifully and provide a perspective outside of our own box. From this perspective we can draw important insights regardless of If we agree with the reading or not.


2. Finding stillness and let the answers come. When you found your snail trail of value by looking back, you can from that perspective invite stillness and then ask yourself some well-directed questions. Remember to not answer the question but instead listen to the answers appearing. It may seem as a subtle difference but is as comparing a light bulb to the sun. You will get the hang of it if stillness is there I am sure. (If stillness is not there, don’t bother asking the questions right now.) To help further, you can imagine you need to be quiet enough to hear the heart whisper and if no answer is coming, you can always ask again some other time. No hurry for truth ever results in truth.


The well-directed questions are:

– What seem to be my driving forces?

– What seems to be values that are really important for me?

– What kind of people seems to be the one I like to help and support?

– What kind of people seems to be the ones I like to work together with?


The whole first step of looking for the snail trail of value is taking us into a fearlessness seeing our unique value instead of our lack and what we don’t yet have achieved. The second step to find stillness and allow answers to appear provides with truth.

The combination of your snail trail of value and the answers to the well-directed questions can represent your inner why. It combines your souls unique contribution to a situation regardless of what you do, with what motivates and inspires your essence to be creative, what values that is important and what people that you resonate with and want to support. Now that’s a strong foundation to start building a business, not just a smart mental construct! And that foundation is based on consciousness about our true essence – a conscious business is starting to grow.



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