Model: Jonas Faremo Photo: Mama Faremo Text: Jonas Faremo


“Most people I know are not as they supposed to be. They are behaving improperly and weird and should really take a look at themselves! Some are better then me though, but most are worse.”

Well, if I would listen to my mind this would be my reality. Its cultivated to evaluate, compare and judge. But really, who the f*ck am I to judge in universe? Before that cultivation, when I was a baby like on the picture, my mind was free from the habit of judging and comparing. The mind just perceived reality as it was; life happening in universe. The mind reacted to its instincts to attract food and love, but there was no thinking going on, it wasn’t “trying” to get love. There were no stories regarding that “dirty” guy with the tattoos or the “fat” girl in the cafe or the “un-cool kid” in the class or the “notsolovingassheshouldbe partner” in front of the tv.

Living a conscious life in mindfulness is to cultivate a beginners mind. A mind that is pure and can see things without the filter of judgments. Like the baby, but with consciousness. Every moment is fresh, new and interesting. People love to be around those people that have no judgments. People have a possibility to grow and evolve around a person that has no judgments. We see ourselves more clearly in the mirror of people that has no judgements. We are less scared to see ourselves in the mirror of people that has no judgments. Isn’t it so? Think about people that “take energy” to be around, and people that “gives energy” to be around.

In practicality, cultivating a beginners mind without judgement is mostly a un-cultivation of the mind. To see where judgments arise in the mind by automatic and just BE AWARE of them (without judging them) instead of BEING them; “he is dirty, she is fat, my partner isnotaslovingassheshouldbe etc”. By time the automation to judge and compare dissolve by itself and becomes weaker and weaker – the mind gets purified.


What is this?

This playful combination of word and image is a purely artistic project inspired by stillness. The text came out of meditation and is combined with artwork or photo from an artist. Our hope is that it will inspire to a small halt of reflection in the otherwise entertainment-heavy stream of pictures at the internet.

Artist: The model “Little Jonas” completely is innocent. He has no idea that he is a model and will exposed and used by the “Big Jonas” year 2016 in a blog post. He doesn’t even know “blog” or “2016” or “years” or “time” for that instance. Mama Faremo however has a broad artist vein running in her body and when younger painted paintings that decorated the walls of our house. Hopefully she picks up the brush again.

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