Photo: Beatrice Alexander Text: Jonas Freeman


We have been conditioned to value what’s expansive, not what is good. We have been indoctrinated to believe that money is the value, when it’s merely a symbol of value. Value is the real value. What you just bought and hold in your hand is the value, not the money you paid, that’s just the symbol of value. Still we feel we just been ripped off.

This may seems like another worthless reflection from the Conscious Business philosopher, but if you set out to create a life full of value instead of a bank account full of money, you will have dramatically different result! The difference will be in life quality; one direction will have it, the other not. If you have a business with the aim of creating value or a business with the aim of creating money you will have completely different results. Aim for money and any excuse to cover up better knowing will do as long as it makes money. Aim to create value and you see that doing harm to anyone or anything on this planet is obviously not enhancing value. And since money is the way we value value today, you will make a lot of money as well as having a meaningful, joyous and sustainable business.
Just for a few decades has this new set of value system been created in the human mind where value is being confused with money. We can easily notice it when we buy or invest in something and FEEL we lost something when paying for it. We notice it when running our business or working doesn’t feel meaningful. We notice it when all the small wonders in life doesn’t count anymore. These few decades with money as the new God, was enough to turn men playing, laughing and having fun while creating beauty and art into worthlessness. It was enough to make women sharing their thoughts and emotions in circles into meaningless waste of time. It was enough to make someone staying home with their children something not valuable. It was enough to turn love-making into a something we can prioritize only when “everything else is done”. It was enough to make me feel not good enough most of the time when growing up. I have changed that. In my world value is what’s worth something for me in reality, and money is a symbol for value. This enables me to live a rich life creating more value around me. This doesn’t mean that money doesn’t flow through my life, of course it does, thats how value is valued today – with money.
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What is this?

This playful combination of word and image is a purely artistic project inspired by stillness. The text came out of meditation and is sometimes combined with artwork or photo from an artist. Our hope is that it will inspire to a small halt of reflection in the otherwise entertainment-heavy stream of pictures at the internet.

Artist: We all have an artist inside. Beatrice brought it out of her and took this amazing photo of a bunch of men raising a may pole on Solstice celebration at my house in Bali.

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