Thirsty Fish?

Well, If you´re not a thirsty fish and want to provide humanity with a conscious business, not just a “good business idea” I give away a free consultation. No strings attached.

Thirsty fish?

The day it dawns on the thirsty fish that what it is looking for is right here and now, I think it will stop stressing, and feel very content and grateful. – Dear fish, water surrounds you.

Humanity behaves like thirsty fishes (read the Thirsty fish blog here…) never content and always on their way somewhere. It is like this planet was not good enough as it is. And ironically, in this strive for something better, we contaminate the planet and ourselves.

Is there place for me to go if I want to cultivate more peace and contentment in life? Yes, I think so. I have actually found many places, perspectives, teachings and persons who help to cultivate this. And today I myself offer this. I support people in doing conscious business and in living a conscious life as a coach and I teach Mindfulness.

What if we all where like real fishes – not thirsty?

Now I look for more not so thirsty fishes – people supporting the cultivation of peace and sustainability. If they want to start or grow their conscious business I will be happy to support and give away a free consultation as a business-consultant/brand strategist/management coach/mindfulness coach or whatever they need from my range of experience.

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Recommend not so thirsty fishes?