We humans act like thirsty fishes. We are constantly un-content moving towards something better, creating all kinds of consequences ironically harming others and ourselves in the strive for this “better”.

The day it dawns on the fish that what it is looking for is right here and now, I think it will stop stressing and feel very content and grateful. – Dear fish, water surrounds you.

We live life right now on a planet with perfect distance to the sun for life to prosper, and worry about making enough money, having enough time, being enough well-trained, looking enough good, feeling enough happy. From outside perspective we must look like thirsty fishes. What was once a paradise planet in abundance and beauty the un-content human tries to turn into a better place! Paved road and cement houses bundled up in enormous city’s. Piles of waste, oceans of plastic, polluted air, cut down forests and raising meat on a stick instead of treating animals like we want to treat them, all this as the by-product of our un-contentment.

Election in Sweden is just finished. Politics think we need to do this and that in order to create a sustainable development. But I hear no politic reminding us of the miracle of experiencing life on planet earth as it is. I hear no politic talking about peace, peace in our minds, instead they react on their restless mind increasing the speed. I hear no one say it is ok to be content and relax – to stop creating more un-sustainability in our aim for sustainability.

What could be possible if we would stop and relax long enough to feel peace and contentment? What turns would a human development take fuelled with contentment and gratitude? What does a peaceful mind do differently then a stressed un-content mind do?

Is there place for me to go if I want to cultivate more peace and contentment in life? Yes, I think so. I have actually found many places, perspectives, teachings and persons who help to cultivate this. And today I myself offer this. I support people in doing conscious business and in living a conscious life as a coach and I teach Mindfulness.

What if we all where like real fishes – not thirsty?

Now I look for more not so thirsty fishes – people supporting the cultivation of peace and sustainability. If they want to start or grow their conscious business I will be happy to support and give away a free consultation as a business-consultant/brand strategist/management coach/mindfulness coach or whatever they need. Click here to recommend people.

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